Second Advent Revival

Links to Other Great Study Sources


The Prophet Still Speaks - The purpose of this website is to help all those who are interested, which in the main will probably be Seventh-day Adventists, to understand the issues involved in the present trinity debate within their denomination. The views on this website are those of its author.

Ellen White Defend - You may have been hearing LIES about Ellen White—Here is the Truth! Large collection of defense articles on Ellen White and the Spirit of Prophecy.

Amazing Discoveries

American Christian Ministries - A wonderful source of material that can be purchased at a very reasonable rate. Classic sermons from the great SDA preachers of yesteryear and present day.

Amazing Discoveries TV

Smyrna Gospel Ministries

Present Truth

God's Sabbath Truth

Ellen White Estate

Ellen G. White Writings

Bible Prophecy Truth

The Mark of the Beast

Three Angels Live

Three Angels Tube

Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts TV

The Hope Channel

Sealing Time Ministries

Sabbath Study Resources (excellent resource)


Adventist Pioneer Library

SDA Pioneer Seventh Day Adventism, The First Fifty Years...on FaceBook

The Seventh Day Sabbath...on FaceBook


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