Second Advent Revival


Foundational Beliefs (click here)  
The Sabbath Bible Texts Supporting the 7th Day Sabbath 1919 Bible Conference
100 Bible Facts on the Sabbath 1919 Bible Conference Notes
15 Arguments Against the Sabbath 1919 Bible Conference Minutes
Sabbath Keeping in the New Testament  
Who Changed the Sabbath to Sunday  
The Sabbath Was Made for Man Prophecy
The Sabbath from Creaton to Eternity Prophecy Tables and Time Charts
Ten Commandments - Sabbath or Ceremonial Law The 70 Week Prophecy of Daniel
Sabbath Truth Revealed Revelation Bible Prophecy
Sabbath Statement by the Catholic Church  
Was Jesus Crucified on Wednesday or Friday The Millenium
Scriptures Related to Loving God and Keeping the Sabbath Abomination of Desolation
What is the Sabbath Day Truth? The Battle of Armageddon
Welcome to the Sabbath Zone The 1000 Year Millennium
Why God Said Remember The Millennial Mysteries
Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday  
Did the Waldenses Keep the 7th Day Sabbath?  
7th Day Sabbath Biblical Arguments 666 and the Mark of the Beast
Sabbath and Colossians 2:14 Who is the Anti-Christ?
Sabbath and Colossians 2:16-17 666 The Number of The Beast
Sabbath and Creation Mark of the Beast
Sabbath and Galatians 4:9-10 The Beast - Who Will Worship It
Sabbath and Romans 14:5 The Beast The Dragon And The Woman
Sabbath and Sanctification  
Sabbath and the End-time Crisis  
Sabbath and the Mark of the Beast  
Sabbath and the New Covenant  
  The Rapture
  Secret Rapture
The Law of God  
The Ten Commandments State of the Dead
  Death and Hell
Gods End Time Church  
Who is the Remnant Church?  
The Remnant Church Signs of Christs Coming - End Time Events
  History of The Great Earthquake
  The Tribulation
  Time Line of Final Events
  Ordination of Women
  Women's Ordination and the Call to Biblical Fidelity
  America and the Bible
  Is America Mentioned in Bible Prophecy
  The USA in Bible Prophecy
  Articles on Ellen White
Misc. Mini Books Did Ellen White Contradict the Bible Over 50 Times?
Absent From the Body Ellen G White, Prophet or Plagerist
Alone in the Crowd Early Writings of Ellen G White
Amazing Wonders of Creation  
America and the Ten Commandments The Bible
Anything but Secret Chart of Bible Lineage; History of Textus Receptus
Armageddon Dismantling the SDA core doctrines
Assurance - Justification Made Simple Battle of the Bibles
Baptism - Is It Really Necessary?  
Baptized Paganism  
Blood Behing the Veil  
Can a Saved Man Choose to be Lost?  
Christ's Human Nature Misc Study Topics
Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry False Teachers and Teaching
Compromise, Conformity and Courage Was Jesus crucified on Wednesday or Friday
Culture and the Christian The Restoration of God's Original Design
Death in the Kitchen Matthew 24_36
Deathwatch in Siberia How Oft shall I Forgive My Brother
Determining the Will of God Let This Mind Be in You
Does God's Grace Blot Out the Law? Loughborough trinity
Down From His Glory Seek Those Things Which Are Above
Feast Days and Sabbaths The Remission of Sins
From Stress to Joy The Seven Times of Lev. XXVI
God's Role for Women in Ministry The Yoke of Restraint and Obedience
Heaven, Is It For Real?  
Hell Fire, A Twisted Truth Untangled  
Hidden Eyes and Closed Ears  
Hogs and Other Hazards  
How Evolution Flunked the Science Test  
Is it a Sin to be Tempted  
Is it Possible to Live Without Sinning?  
Is Sunday Really Sacred?  
Is it Easier to be Saved or Lost?  
Jewelry, How Much is Too Much?  
Life in the Spirit  
Man's Flicker or God's Flame  
Pending Your Case in Court  
Point of No Return  
Remember Lot's Wife  
Rendezvous in Space  
Riches of Grace  
Satan in Chains  
Satan's Confusing Counterfeits  
Spirits of the Dead, do They Speak and Hear?  
Spiritual Israel  
Teach Us to Pray  
The Armor of God  
The Beast - Who Will Worship It?  
The Beast, The Dragon and the Woman  
The Brook Dried Up  
The Christian and Alcohol  
The Drummer Boys Prayer  
The Faithful Witness  
The Final Verdict  
The Name of God  
The Rich Man and Lazarus  
The Search for the True Church  
The Sign of Jonah  
The Surrender of Self  
The Two Witnesses  
The Ultimate Resource  
The Abomination of Desolation  
The High Cost of the Cross  
The Last Night on Earth  
The Power of a Positive NO  
The Scarlet Woman  
The Secret Rapture  
Thieves in the Church  
Three Steps to Heaven  
Three Days and Three Nights  
Tips for Resisting Temptation  
Understanding Tongues  
Who is Michael the Archangel  
Who Will Sing the Song, The 144,000 of Revelation 14  
Why God Said Remeber  
Why the Old Covenant Failed  

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